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Nitz Laing Is one of the most Delicious Laing you will ever taste. My beloved mother "Nitz" who loves to cook was born in Bicol. Nitz is a mother of 3 children and aside from raising them, she also helped in raising her relative's children. She made our home a training ground for her niece, nephew and other relatives. She taught them how to properly cook foods, handle a knife and prepare attractive dishes. She loved helping people and is very generous in giving.

Unfortunately she had a stroke and unable to cook anymore. Tatay Ed her husband carried on the recipe and remained the originality of the delicious Laing of Nitz. As of now we are carrying on with My mom's tradition of kindness and generosity, so we sell Laing to help people. Currently, we have one (1) scholar and we hope to continue and have more children get good education. We are sure that you will not only love the taste but also feel the contribution you are doing for other people.

Thank you for your contributions to our scholar's future :)


Sgd 5.00
4 x 4 tray
(good for 2 persons)

Sgd 10.00
6 x 4 tray
(good for 3 to 4 persons)

Sgd 15.00
6 x 6 tray
(good for 5 to 6 persons)

SPICY LEVEL: 0%; 10%; 50%; 100%;

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Marsy grabe sarap ng laing.. Well recommended


Got mine and had it for lunch today. The taste remains the same. SARAP! Wala paring kupas.


Thank you!! sarap ng laing order kami ulit sa susunod


Love it.. very delicious laing i ever taste. Thanks!


My fave laing though i have known Tatay Ed to be a great cook for any dishes...missed ko na nga ito.


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